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Uniforms -
Through the Years!
Historic Uniforms

The Archives Committee has a few traveling trunks each containing 8 -10 uniforms. 
The sizes vary but are on the small side of the age levels'

These traveling trunk has original uniforms and therefore  there is only 1 per level
availablity for Febuary & March 2012, mid May - mid June 2012 are already booked solid

Consider the  Uniform Sampler Kits/garment bags and Literacy Badge Bags - there are several but check availability

Traveling Trunks
Brownie Uniforms 1924 - 2000
Intermediate/ Junior Uniforms 1928 - 2000
Girl Scout/Cadette/Senior 1913 - 2000

Use the Form 360 to order

Adult Uniforms   call for availability

Below are some paper doll  PDFs that you can print out to give your troop
A Powerpoint program of Brownie History, uniforms and insignia that you can download and play
The National Preservation Center has an online slide show of uniforms (click here)
1913  Troop 1, Carnation Patrol of Savannah GA  c 1912 - notice the girls use different color tiesSignaling in 19141917 uniform and adult 1984 Halsotn designed uniform19231918 - Bandages for WWI effort 1922 Audlt uniformFirst Brownie - c 1922-241928 Christ mas catalogue1934 Catalogue193419491949c 19501959196719751975 Juniors1975 Cadettes and Seniors19861988199819992005 - Back to the original Navy and Khaki!
Take a shot a making a replica uniform.  This is a basic sketch and instructions for making the very first 1912 navy blue uniform and the Khaki one introduced in 1914.   

Girls could learn to ( as a group)

Note: Uniform were made to last several years blousy and big waist were made lager than needed and snaps and hooks and eyes were adjusted as a girl grew or the uniform was handed up or down to another girls.
Back -  100 years Sew your OWN!
V Click  for an online show
Click here to read a 1974 account of Elsie Epsy Frank a member of the first Girl Scout troop Carnation patrol describing their uniforms.
Click here to read a 1974 account of Marion Corbin Aslakson a member of the first Girl Scout troop describing their uniforms. also in the Carnation Patrol