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This page was last updated on: September 24, 2008
Always with a Song
Share and Explore songs and songbooks from the 1920 through the 1940’s, 60’s, & 70’s as well as compare the songs from Our Chalet and Our Cabana.

Suggest Activities:  Use by Singing Service Volunteers.  Learn  traditional Girl Scout Songs for Court of Awards, Association Meetings, SU  Encampments, or  old fashion campfire. 
Learn How to identify old song books and correctly date them.

Begin with comparing the Girl Scout Song Book 1929 edition books –
What is the Title page indicate is the name?
Is the an Edition indicated?
What is the copyright date(s)?
How many pages are in each?
Using the Index:
What songs were (if any) were added in the later edition?
Compare the (1929) Girl Scout Song Book with the (1940’s) Ditty Bag
Again what songs were added? removed?

Sing Together
How did it differ from the “Ditty Bag”? How does the Sing Together change from 1945 to 1973?
How many different things can you find? Learn a “new”(to you) song from each book!

Our Chalet and Our Cabana books
How many different countries have songs in these World Center books?
Learn the songs “Our Chalet” and “Our Cabana”
Listen to the Tape and CD - What songs are in the older books what are "new" songs?

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