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Juliette Gordon Low
Founder, Inventor, Patent Holder
and Tradmark Holder
The History and Archive Committee recent participated in the
US Patent and Trade Office  - EXPO .
Thanks to the assistance of the Education Office we offer you this activity.
Juliette Gordon Low, our Founder, was a woman way ahead of her time - every new technology, idea, invention was exciting.  She learned to smith iron gates, drive, fly, send Morse's Code and Semaphore messaging.   She invented what maybe the first "recyclable" trash can liner in 1915 - Check this out!
She designed and registered our first "badge" aka pin in 1914 and the Girl Scouts have gone on to register and protect our various trademarks throught the year..

The patent number for her utility patent is 1,124,025
The patent number for her design patent is D45234

You will receive a message that indicates that "Full text is not available for this patent. Click on "images" button to view the full patent."  Once you click on images you will see the full patent --you'll need to click on "front page", "drawings", "specifications", and "claims" respectively to get the different pages (both patents are very short).
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Visit the Full web site at   There you can search the trademarks
I suggest you use the second catagory - "since 1790"
Use the Quick search  Use the words : Girl Scout 
Click the selections to allow : Plurals and Singulars. Live and Dead, AND words =
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Click on one of the selections (there should be about 50)
scroll downs the list of documents to see the various elements of the filings.  Tiff and JPGs are pictures  but also scans of pre 1976 files.

This is the sketch/rendering of the first badge which we call a pin.  Note her signature on the form/ Note she is residing in England but a citizens of the US
Click below to see scans of the Pin Design file
Click below to see scans of the Liner file