Early Girl Scout Camping Skills History Box
Outdoor Wide Game Type Activity

Program Level:  Juniors/Cadette (This is not recommended for Daisy or Brownie Level)
Each station will take about 30 - 45 minutes  
Minimum 4 hours needed + (sign in time)
All day Program 10-3 (with 1 hour for non cooking lunch break)
Opening/Closing (30 minutes each)
Stations/Travel time (30 minutes each)

Show:  "The Golden Eaglette" or "Follow Me Girls" silent movies (c.1917) 23 minutes (movie maybe watched with a computer on at

Stations ( see instructions for each station download the PDF above)
1. Flag signaling/Semaphore
2. 99 Ways to Use a Bandana
3. Flag Ceremony
4. Knots and Lashing 
5. Building a small quick fire (Fake)
6. Make a Bedroll 
Closing Flag Ceremony

If desired a Small fire building competition (Real)
(Teams  of 3 or 4 girls from each patrol/troop,  built a (very) small tepee fire (using only tinder and Kindling) that will make a full soup can of water come to a boil and over flow to put out the fire (put few drop of Dawn soap in the water for effect)
For Indoor  Wide Game
Change Flag Ceremony for indoor calls
Substitute a Court of Awards for the Closing – Using Girl Scout Handshake and salute

Station 1
Flag / Semaphore Signaling

Code sheets & Messages, Signal Flags (Provided in box)
Print files at right>>>
Using flags run through the alphabet code
Divide into teams of 3 or 4
Give a message to each group and a sheet for the code
Give 5 minutes for the groups to practice their message (each girl could do a letter or a word , 1 can be the prompter) 
Have each team (signal a “message to the rest of the group.

Station 2
99 Ways to use a Bandana
Have each girl bring a bandana 
Duplicate handout is desired.  Handout >>>>

Divide girls in to pairs – each pair chooses a number from the jar - 
(Please remember to collect all number and return them to the container when the activity I finished)
Give out hand out 
Give about 5 minutes complete the “way” then have each pair tell the group what the “way” is and how it could be used.
Repeat until time is up or all 99 ways have been done. 

Station 3
Outdoor Flag Ceremony
Flag with Hooks ( 1 Provided)  
Call Cards (Provided)
Ceremony Handout (Provided)  Duplicate if desired

Divide in to groups of 6-8 girls.  Practice the Folding and unfolding of the flag, salutes and instructions calls (what they mean)
Learn a Patriotic Song, discuss proper attention and respect, how to stand, when to put your hand to you heart, etc.
Do the Flag Ceremony for each of the groups
Station 4
Knots and Lashing

Outdoor Skills Booklet on Knots 9  (Provided)
also see PDF
Binders Twine (brown package twine)
A large round basin or salad bowl

Review Square Knot
Use booklet tripod basin and table 
In groups of two or three, have some of the girls build tripods, some try lashing a table

Note: With a large group:   Buy Popsicle sticks and use yarn to lash small tripods (use baby food jar lids as miniature basins)

Station 5
Practice Fire Building
Kit includes booklet on Fire Building (Provided)
(although the edible fire is sometime done with candy – the following gives the girls a better idea of actual size of the wood)
Tinder (Thin Pretzels/ straw bread sticks) 
Kindling (Bread Sticks, Doughy Pretzel sticks)
Fuel (Whole baguettes, french loaves, Italian bread)
Waxed paper cut in  4” x4” squares”
Old wax candles
Sturdy plastic knives, real knives (check safety wise) or vegetable peelers

Use booklet to review, types of fuel
Discuss basic A to begin fires
Discuss type of fire for which purposes
Make a fire starter ( shave a Heaping table spoon of wax curls in to the center of the wax paper squares  roll and twist end as if it were salt water taffy)

Practice building a Tepee fire with the pretzels and bread

Station 6
Bedroll Relay

For each team need
1waterproof ground cloth (Flannel back vinyl table cloth/ shower curtain)
31 heavey/1 light Blankets or quilts
1 full size bed sheet
1 set PJ, 1 pair socks
1 wash cloth, 1 towel
1 plastic zip bag w toothbrush & sm paste, sm soap, comb/brush

Print Directoions at right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This page was last updated on: February 27, 2015
Camping - 
1920 - 30 style!

No sleeping bags! ...   
Make you own bedroll
No Instant Messaging or Cell Phones! ... 
Semaphore is the way 
Pop up tents - Nah!  
Lash a lean-to shelter
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Leader Guide 
with instructions and vintage photos of each skill